Chris Vaughn

Chris Vaughn

Videographer, Editor & Motion Graphics Artist - NDS, Inc

August 9, 2016

Dear Sir or Madam,

It is with a great amount of enthusiasm I write this letter to you on Brent’s behalf. You see, I know that you are on the cusp of adding Brent to your team, and in my humble opinion the decision to add him to your team will be one of the singularly best decisions you could make. He is the consummate professional, with a brilliant mind and a voracious appetite for learning…and he’s got a great sense of humor too.

Brent and I became fast friends in college when we were put together for a group project. Group projects are notorious for being difficult on all levels. But Brent, even then, a professional approached the project with zest and technical acumen few of our classmates possessed. After that class project Brent and I worked on several more personal projects beyond the classroom to explore our creative ideas. During those days, my respect for his technical abilities grew to a level where there came a realization he would be a colleague and friend on whom I could turn to and trust his opinion and advice for life.

Brent seems to also possess an limitless amount of energy. He is constantly seeking, working and perfecting his mind, his life and his craft. Which why he has had such success with his work at GameTrailers and EpicBattleCry.

You may be thinking that this recommendation is a little over the top, but I assure you he really is all that I’ve described and more. I’m certain that if you will take the time to talk with Brent and interview him you will be impressed with him too. I know that he will take your team to the next level.

Sincerely yours,

Chris Vaughn
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