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Greetings My Friends!

Viking Brent Adams

I'm Brent Adams. I produce multimedia content the way a rabid wolverine produces frothy saliva: vigorously and excitedly! I'm also a podcaster, pundit, and community manager, as well as an Axe-enthusiast!

I'm a one-man-band - a New Media artist with experience in nearly every aspect of multimedia production. My work has been viewed millions of times and featured on sites such as GameTrailers, EpicBattleAxe, and ScrewAttack.

I have the experience, creativity, and skill-set to elevate your project, epic-ize (new word) your brand, and empower your message.

I also have a thing for aliteration but lets not get bogged down here.

Read on to check out my portfolio and resume or, if you're ready for your project to get a little more awesome, click the button to contact me!


What I Do addition to bombarding all persons within range of my voice (which is considerable) with epic feelings of mirth, merriment, and mania (I did warn you about the aliteration)

Including everything from title sequences to web ads, I have somewhere around eight thousand hours of animation experience. I hold a B.S. in Digital Media and my specific areas of focus are: motion graphics, compositing, match-moving, keying, rotoscoping, visual fx, 2D animation, 3D titles, and lower-thirds.

I've recorded, edited, and mixed audio for more than 500 podcast episodes which have been downloaded millions of times. My specialties are dialog editing, noise removal, and audio sweetening. I've also pioneered a technique for removing the sound of carbohydrates from the human voice. Just kidding (except I'm not).

I've single-handedly produced hundreds of hours of professional video content, viewed by tens-of-thousands of people per week. I've cut everything from drama, to comedy, game footage, multi-camera live events, and music videos. I also write, direct, and much more.

What People Say About Me

Other than, "Your mother dresses you funny."

Daniel Kayser

Daniel Kayser

Product Marketing Manager for Unreal Engine, Epic Games

"Brent has always been a pleasure to work with and has been able to understand the creative vision for projects while translating those concepts into quality content. Plus, he gives great bear hugs."

Read Daniel's Letter
Jess Conditt

Jess Conditt

Senior Reporter,

"Brent is a creative, generous and professional multimedia producer of the highest caliber. The video game industry is lucky to have him and I'm extremely fortunate to have worked with him. He truly sets the bar -- and then he smashes it with a gleaming axe."

Read Jess' Letter
Chris Vaughn

Chris Vaughn

Video Editor, NDS, Inc

"He is the consummate professional, with a brilliant mind and a voracious appetite for learning…and he’s got a great sense of humor too. He is constantly seeking, working and perfecting his mind, his life and his craft."

Read Chris' Letter


I hold a B.S. in Digital Media and built the foundation of my skill-set on match-moving, compositing, and visual fx. I created hordes of motion graphic content during my days at EpicBattleAxe including logos, ad banners, title sequences, and much more. I have thousands of hours of experience in Adobe Affects as well as Blackmagic Fusion and have recetly started working in Nuke.

Check out my portfolio to see what I can do and click the button to read about some of the production problems I've been able to solve with my knowledge and experience.

Animation Portfolio


Created a thrity-second 3D fly-through title sequence for EpicBattleCry. This saved the series' original distributor,, the expense of contracting an outisde animation company to create the show's titles.

For the 2012 high-def revamp of EpicBattleCry, I recreated the show's cold opening, an iconic post-card photo, as a seamlessly-looping animation. This solved the problem of how to utilize a 'Ken Burns style' pan & zoom effect on an animated background without creating motion artifacts from changing the speed of the footage.

Created an animated title sequence for YouTube series, The Daily Slice. This elminated the need to rely on a generic animation template, gave the show a fun and unique aesthetic, while reinforcing the brand identity of parent-site


The podcasts I've produced for EpicBattleAxe and OutlawGamers have been downloaded millions of times. I've been producing audio professionally for eight years and have recorded, edited, and mixed over 500 episodes. I have deep experience in mixing sound, reducing and elminating background noise, sweetening audio, and seamlessly editing dialog.

Check out my demo reel below to hear some case-studies of my work and click the button to read more about my audio production experience.

Audio Demo Reel
Beer > Time

Its a common maxim that for every minute spent recording or filming, you will spend a multiple of that figure in post-production. While editing podcasts for EpicBattleAxe and OutlawGamers, turnaround time was crucial to ensure the show came out while the news topics being discussed were still relavent. By constantly evaluating and refining my workflow, I was able to cut audio editing time in half. This decreased the audio production turnaround ratio from 3 minutes of editing for every minute spent recording, to just 1.5.

Free > $$$

Background noise is a common issue in audio production, especially outside of a studio envioment. Manually adjusting volume levels during mixing is far too inefficient a solution and its simply not practical for each host (three to four per show) to build a sound-proof room in their home. So, I researched and experimented with dynamics processing and developed the knowledge to use stock audio plugins to automatically eliminate background noise from dialog tracks without investing in expensive software or costly renovations.

Smooth > Stammer

Almost everyone uses vocalized pauses (Uh's and Um's) and almost everyone cringes at hearing them excessively. For those who struggle to break the habit (myself included), my experience with mixing dialog has given me many years of practice eliminating this problem from otherwise solid recordings. Researching phonems and how breath is used to form words gave me terrific insight in how to seamlessly remove unwanted bits from dialog tracks. The hundreds of shows I've edited have given me lots of practice perfecting this skill.


My video editing work has been seen by tens-of-thousands of viewers-per-week on GameTrailers, Screwattack, and YouTube. My experience with cutting video goes back nearly two decades and includes thousands of hours of seat time with the major NLE platforms including: Avid, Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro 7 & FCP X, and Da Vinci Resolve.

Check out my portfolio examples below and click the button to read more about what I can do.

Video Portfolio


EpicBattleCry (2009-2014)

I worked as the sole media production artist for EpicBattleCry, a 45-60 minute video series. Each episode featured five-to-seven discussion segments with edited game footage playing over three tracks of edited and mixed dialog, plus music. By researching the right tools and worklfow, I developed a rapid production pipeline that allowed me to turn the show around from the start of recording to final delivery in about fourteen hours (including render and upload time).

GT Anthology (2010)

I was a 'guest editor' on two episodes of GT Anthology, an original GameTrailers web series. By closely studying prior episodes of the show, I was able to produce editorial and motion graphic content in my episodes (Tenchu and Streets of Rage) that was completely seamless with the work of the established editing team. This allowed the production to remain on-schedule without missing a beat.

Stages (2007)

I worked with my good friend, Daniel Kayser, to create a pilot for a video game restrospective series. This was my first experience doing every job that would normaly be assigned to an indivdual crew person. I captured and edited game footage to be featured in the episode; handled lighting, sound, and cinematography for the on-set shoot; created a brand identy package including logos, lower thirds, and an animated 3D title sequence; selected music and mixed sound; and did all video editing on the pilot episode. It was a terrific experience in understanding how each individual aspect of media production supports the others to produce the final product.

About Me

(AKA Is there a name for what's wrong with you?)

The creative process inspires me.

From the earliest brainstorming to the final render, I love using technology to be creative. I love working with other talented people to create something that informs, entertains, and inspires.

I also love donuts and Vikings.

They say (and by 'They' I mean a slighty-inebriated 'I') that there are three forces that inspire us as artists. My three muses are creativity, perfectionism, and fun. Those three qualities constantly inspire me to learn, grow, and evolve. I long ago realized that I'm not content to specialize in one aspect of media production when every part of it is so damn fun!

I've been fortunate that the trend in New Media production has moved in the direction I was already going in: being an artist with a diverse skill set. This shift, combined with the democratization of production tools and online distribution platforms, has ushered in an amazing era of creativity. I feel very lucky to be a part of it all.

While most of my high-school colleagues were learning about the rich mythology of the Greeks and Romans, I discovered a book about the Norse gods and began a life-long interest in Viking culture and history. Being an insuferable know-it-all of a teenager (redundant), I took every opportunity to inform my peers of the profound influence of this unique culture on the world we live in: from the names of the days to the majority of our Christmas holiday traditions.

Somewhere along the way, I became "Viking Brent."

In 1066 at The Battle of Stamford Bridge, the English army, approaching from the West, surprised a Norse raiding party and a fierce conflict ensued. The story goes that a lone Viking berserker, blocking the narrow bridge, held off the entire English army, giving the Norwegians time to prepare a counter-attack.

I like to think of myself as that solitary figure on the bridge. Except, the hordes of Englishmen trying to murder me are, instead, video footage, audio files, and graphic assets. Rather than a battle axe (though I do love those), I do my cutting with software. Though I am just one man, the media assets attack me and I conquer them! If by "attack" you mean "are emailed to" and by "conquer them" you mean "assemble them into professional-quality media products."

Also, instead of wood, the bridge is made of donuts and is delicious.

Like any good metaphor (and lets face it that last one is pretty much the best there is), the point of this analogy is that you don't need an army to create professional quality media for your YouTube channel, podcast, and website. You need one person with the broad skill set and deep experience to produce outstanding content to grow your brand, engage your community, and elevate your product.

I'm Viking Brent and my passion is media production. You've read about what I can do and seen my portfolio. Get in touch to let me know how I can help your project or organization achieve mighty victory with 100% more donuts, and 95% less bloodshed, than The Battle of Stamford Bridge!

Resume & Education

Outlaw Gamers Logo

Jan 2015 - Present
Video / Audio production | Podcast host | Community management | Live streaming | Social media | Site management

EpicBattleAxe Logo

Oct 2008 - Nov 2014
Video / Audio production | Podcast host | Community management | Social media | Site management | Web Design / Devlopment

Game Trailers Logo

Mar 2007 - June 2014
Freelance Camera Operator | EpicBattleCry (100+ Episodes): Video Editing / Audio Production / Motion Graphics | GT Anthology (Streets of Rage, Tenchu): Video Editing / Audio Production / Motion Graphics

East Tennessee State Universtiy Logo
East Tennessee State Universtiy

1999 - 2004
Bachelor of Applied Science: Digital Media | Minor in Film Studies

Contact Me

If you have a project you'd like to discuss, please drop me a line and tell me all about it. I look forward to working togther!

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